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Our New Master of Wine

Kqedwineclub.org  We’ve been in business for Almost  20+ a lot of knowledge as well as access to typically  premiere of wine club in Napa Valley.  We are your one-stop resource for as much as possible wine / wine tasting. We collaborate with other vintners and participate in all wonderful events, traveling, and excursions that flaunt our wine club.

Our industry philosophy grant anyone insider entry to exceptional artisan wineries, cookery masterpieces, non-public art series, wine blending, barrel tasting, special events, use of private estates and backyards and much more. Our own goal is usually to anticipate your own personal requests, go beyond your targets, and deliver wine experience your looking for.

Find the most out of your visit with carefully guided tours and sightseeing ventures by bike, walk, limo, or on a good day, by balloon. Are you an experience buff, food connoisseur, as well as nature enthusiast? Whatever your personal passion, there’s a reason for you to come to Napa Valley for wine tasting.

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